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Public Seminar in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Public Seminar in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Topic: Underground Utility Surveying Techniques, Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Works & Water Pressure Management in High Rise Building
Due to the rising concerns over the aging problems in underground infrastructural facilities, as part of the pioneers in trenchless technologies industries, Mr KK Yan was invited to deliver in-depth sharing of advanced technologies in dealing with issues about utility survey and underground utilities management.

The seminar was divided into two sections. Section one introduce the updated technology of Engineering Survey for utilities used in Hong Kong including Utility Mapping, Topographical Surveys, Geophysical & Geotechnical Engineering Surveys, Water Leakage Detection, Pipeline Condition Assessment Surveys and Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Techniques.

Section two facilitates property management companies or owners to understand the concept of pressure management, since many of them face malfunction and disturbance of the systems caused by surge, water hammer, noise and leak problem. A vast variety of engineering based valves were introduced to provide possible solution for users to deal with such issues

Speaker: Mr KK Yan
Date: 23rd February 2013
Venue: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
No. of Participants: 100
Seminar co-organized with The Chartered Instituted of Plumbing and Heating Engineering- Hong Kong Branch
Department of Land Surveying and Geo-informatics
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University