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Pipe rehabilitation

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Full Lining



Engineering design for rehabilitation of those defective pipelines is our expertise.
With minimum disruption of the public interest as our prior concern, trenchless techniques are important nowadays in the city. The existing defective pipelines need not be digging out for replacement. Instead, a newly pipe/patch is formed inside the existing pipe as a host without any excavation works required. Waterland provides all kinds of relining services with different materials to suit all your needs. The diameter of pipeline to be rehabilitated ranges from Ø50-2100mm.


Spot Lining

Waterland offers innovative trenchless pipe rehabilitation technique for particular rehabilitating the defective pressurized or non-pressurized pipelines.

Spot Lining method is for the repair of pipe and joint lengths of up to 5 metres even in case of strong infiltration. Fibre-glass reinforced laminates or stainless steel shall are used to restore the structural stability of the host pipe or replace part lengths.

Waterland offers various packers used to transport the resin-impregnated base materials to the points of repair. The covers both short and flexible relining packers in lengths of 60 to 250mm optimally suited for the point repair of pipe-shaped sewers. Further available are long packers for relining lengths of up to 5.0m.

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Non-destructive pipe rehabilitation


Traditional method for pipe replacement often requires destruction for existing structure and time consuming, causing a huge disturbance to asset owner or properties’ user. With the advantage of non-destructive pipe rehabilitation method, Waterline provides an epoxy coating blown-in technology,V-liner. The contaminated pipeline can be easily cleaned and relined by circulating air flow inside the pipeline.


– Does not react with heavy metal (Lead)
– Small working footprint
– Much less time than traditional repiping:
– Less than 4 hours curing process
– Potable Water Safe with approval from WRAS, BS6920, NSF61 and AS/NZS4020


– 90 degree bending pipe
– Tee-branch connection
– Outdoor pipeline
– Pipe diameter range from 1/2 inches to 12 inches

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Waterline CastTM

Waterline Cast provides a Styrene free geopolymer mortar lining to repair, resurface and rebuild damaged surface.

– Non-Clog: Spin and Spray Friendly
– Circular and non circular structures
– Lateral monolithically tied to structure
– Condition: slightly to fully deteriorated
– 60-90 minutes working time up to 2-4 hours to bypass release


– Manhole
– Culvert
– Sewer water system
– Storm Water

Host material:

– Brick, Rock, Concrete
– Corrugated Metal
– Cast Iron