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Water Leak Detection

Before Scanning


After Scanning


Infra-red Thermography Survey

Water seepage can be caused by various factors, such as cracks on external wall, honey comb concrete, defective sealant at window, and defective waterproofing membrane at roof and drainage pipe.

Infrared Theromographic Technology is one of the effective solutions to diagnose water seepage problems and it provides images that represent surface temperatures, or thermograms, by infrared radiation emanating from the surface of an object.

1. Locate water-damaged roof areas quickly and accurately
2. Can ensure the quality of new or retrofitted systems
3. Can avoid unnecessary replacement of parts of the roof that are in good condition (costly repair works)
4. Identify problems early before they become serious and costly
5. Help extend the life of the existing roof
6. Document problems before the warranty expires
7. Provide facts for planning accurate budgets
7. Scientific recognized proof for legal action in water seepage case
8. Non-destructive evaluation of thermal and building science


Microwave Moisture Tomography Survey

Microwave Moisture Tomography Survey is non-destructive moisture measurements in various building materials.

1. Material types: wood, building materials, walls & brickwork
2. Non-destructive
3. Fast scanning for moisture depth and distribution
4. Real-time contour available for analysis report by PC notebook
5. Penetration to depth from 3cm to 80cm
6. Facilitate tracing water source


Digital Leak Noise Correlation Survey

dlmc_04 (1)
The correlation technique is the most cost effective means of locating underground leakage and has the ability to isolate leak noise from the background noise.

The system has been proven to perform world-wide and can be used effectively on all types of pipe and accurate pinpointing of
underground fluid leaks, prior to excavation.


Digital Ground Microphone Survey

In the ground microphone system is based upon an advanced sensor and incorporates low-noise processing electronics to give excellent
acoustic performance over a wide frequency range.


Very high acoustic sensitivity · Acoustic probe, ground microphone and
combined system options

1. Very high acoustic sensitivity
2. Acoustic probe, ground microphone and combined system options
3. Advanced ground microphone with wind-noise isolation
4. Minimum Noise Level measurement
5. Lightweight amplifier with clear digital display
6. Lightweight amplifier with clear digital display
7. Simple to use


Digital Leak Noise Logging Survey

1. Rapid, overnight, identification of leaks – without the need of staff night working
2. Use for survey or permanent operation
3. Large areas can be covered quickly
4. Intelligence built into logger for instant, on-site indication of leakage
5. Advance analysis PC software


Pressure Monitoring Survey

By adopting telemetry data loggers on the street hydrants and flow meters, it is feasible to acquire the live data in 24 hours base for monitoring the pressure and flow ttern

1. Simple installation
2. To obtain current data values from anytime and anywhere
3. Ability to contact logger when required
4. Daily and window alarms
5. Control of operational costs


Hydrogen Gas Tracing Survey

Gas Tracing system can be used to locate leaks in all type of materials used for water pipes. Hydrogen detection is a proven method for use on even the smallest leaks


  • Leaks on plastic pipe can be located with this method
  • The pipe can be in-service or vacant for gas tracing
  • Increased sensitivity with 2 sensors – Semi Conductor Sensor to give fast response and Thermal Mass Sensor for safe recognition of higher H2 concentration

Ground Probing Radar Survey for Moisture Level

Along with the experience of utilizing Ground Probing Radar to detect voids for many years, we have further developed leakage detection by Ground Probing Radar. Since the change of radar propagation velocity reflects the soil saturation with leaking water. Such method could provide valid data for leak cases that are difficult to be located by conventional method as it is independent of the pipe material.

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