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Pipe Condition Assessment

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Pipe Wall Thickness Survey

Corrosion on insulated and buried pipeline could be difficult to detect and locate. With the assistance of the technology of Transient Electromagnetic Method (TEM), utility owner and management team now can easily assess pipe wall thickness without direct contact of the detected objects.

• Average pipe wall thickness assessment on underground buried and exposed pipeline
• Pipe wall loss estimation on Insulated pipeline without damage of the existing insulation

Transient Electromagnetic Method (TEM)
By receiving signal from the secondary field (Eddy Currents), defects on material disturbed the eddy current flow and hence such disturbance provides defect location and depth.


External Protective Coating Survey

Pipe/structure life can be evaluated by corrosion detection method. Grasping the information of the condition of subjects can reduce the maintenance cost of your property.

Corrosion continues to be a point of attention for the owners and operators of almost all steel structures. Periodic or continuous inspection of objects for occurrence of corrosion or monitoring the extent and severity of known corrosion areas should ensure operation of the installation within the safe zone.

To operate the installation at minimum cost, new techniques can be applied to minimize the overall maintenance and inspection costs. Such techniques can aim at reducing the total number of activities either by reducing the number of selected areas to look after or by reducing the overall costs per inspected area. The latter, for instance, is possible by reducing the peripheral costs of inspection (preparation, cleaning, access etc.).

We offer corrosion detection survey by means of pulsed eddy current methods.

Stray Current Survey

Stray currents are caused by sources of current flowing through soil or other conductive path, the existence of stray current can cause corrosion on buried pipeline and metallic structure.

This survey can identify the suspected stray current of pipe-to-soil potential at selected pipe sections. Asset owner can use the information to evaluate the possibility of corrosion occurred on their underground infrastructure and could take preventive action to reduce the deterioration.


Soil Resistivity test


This is to test the conductivity of the soil, which is important for grounding electrical equipment. This enables to generate the result of the condition of the soil and thus the pipe corrosiveness can be detected. In this way, this provides information for further operation on rehabilitation.


Ultrasonic Pipe Wall Thickness Survey


It provides integration services for investigating the pipe wall thickness, external protective coating defects, presence of leakage and size, effectiveness of cathodic protection system, internal visual inspection and trial pit inspection etc.


Valve exercise


Valves are important elements of the distribution system. However, not every single valve has been operated at regular interval. This happens to be that there is a need to carry out the valve exercise the functionality of the valves so as to maintain the useful life and operation of water system valves.