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Sewage and Drainage Pipe Internal Condition Assessment


Manhole Connectivity Survey

Manhole Condition Survey shall bring you the details dimension, connectivity of manholes and internal structural and service condition. This information shall provide inputs for the considerations of the Engineer’s design for future upgrading and improvement works.

Manhole Condition Survey

Manhole survey provides the internal dimension of the existing manhole with the condition and record of incoming and outgoing pipes. The survey can be a quick and preliminary review for the existing drainage system and identify any illegal discharge into the manholes.

Waterland also provide manhole probe inspection survey to have a preliminary overview of the existing condition of the incoming and outgoing pipes without carryout the CCTV survey. This condition survey provide a cost effective and less time consuming method for client who would like to have the quick assessment of the condition for any further design or investigation works.


Conduit Condition Survey - CCTV Survey

Closed Circuit Television Survey for Pipes/Ducts

CCTV Survey reflects the actual internal condition for all kinds of pipelines and ducts by getting a small camera head into your pipelines with high-resolution image, providing a visual inspection for grading the structure and service condition of the pipelines according to the WAA/WRC ” Manual of Sewer Condition Classification”.

Waterland offers all kinds of latest CCTV services by using the color pan and rotate camera with self-propelling unit and push robbing accessories. The ranging of sizes are from 75mm to 1500mm diameter.


Totally Integrated Sonar and CCTV Inspection Technology (TISCIT) Survey

Traditionally surveying the submerged pipeline involves with huge risk. Along with the availability of TISCIT Survey, asset owners and contractors can now obtain the pipeline condition even under high water level. Floating CCTV inspection provides the above water condition while sonar gives the visualization under the water level.

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Sonar Survey

By employing the latest sonar technology on pipeline inspection, structural image below the water level can be clearly visualized without the risk of traditional inspection.


– Surveying for fully surcharged / partially surcharge pipe/box culvert
– Service and structural integrity survey below water level, including
– measuring silt level
– detect deformation under water
Quality check for rehabilitated pipeline after reinstating the flow

Shape under water Benefits:

– 100% for pipe profiling and continuous scanning
– Applicable for existing or newly laid pipe/box culvert
– Portable design and IP68 waterproofing feature
– Design for long distance surveying works