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Technical exchange with CACP from China

Technical exchange with Underground Pipeline Committee of CACP from China


  • Site visit for CCTV application in the morning

About 20 Chinese representatives come to learn the application and operation of CCTV in Hong Kong. Waterland has sent out a team to deliver thorough demonstration and explanation for the detail of setup, actual working procedure and the instant image of the CCTV.

  • Meeting with DSD for understanding the operation of Hong Kong hydrological data center

Through the technical exchange session in the topic of Hong Kong hydrological data center operation, 5 Chinese Representatives have gained in-depth understanding of the operational principles in Drainage Services Department of HKSAR. The session is interactive and each party was able to exchange valuable information for the future development.

Date: 21 Jun 2013

Co organized with

  • China Hong Kong Society for Trenchless Technology
  • Beijing tsinghua tongheng urban planning & design institute dept of environmental technology
  • Baoding jindi Zhidian Pipeline Inspection Technology Development Co., Ltd.