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Underground Utility Mapping


Topographical Survey

Land Surveying

Waterland offers land survey services for mapping the site features, leveling and positioning with reference to the Hong Kong Principle Datum.

Using total station set up at the horizontal control point and measuring or recording all required information like roads, features, utilities, buildings and terrain points.

The Topographic Surveyed data will be produced in Autocad or Microstation format showing plans or cross sections information subject to contract requirements.

Tree Topographical Survey

Botanical part
– The plant’s species, name and general health conditions
– The co-ordinates and the level of the trees
– Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) of the trees
– The Height and the spread of the trees
– Reference mark with tree numbering
– The girth of the trees


Underground Utility Mapping Survey

Recently, the poor management of underground utility caused stopping of water and electricity supplies and for serious accident may cause gas explosion and vitally human injure. In order to reduce the probability of damaging the underground utility, Underground Utility Mapping Survey is the primary tool for statistically digitalizing and managing the underground properties.
Waterland must provide you one-stop professional engineering services for solving the unclear underground condition and enhance the level of management for the underground utility. Our company aims to satisfy our clients from planning of underground utility applying to the stage of construction of GIS system.

Background Theory:
A specific frequency signal of electromagnetic wave can be induced onto the metallic underground utility services through a direct connection of an alternative current. The specific signal can be obtained above ground by using a receiver and thus the information of the alignment and depth of the utility services can be acquired accurately.

1. Detecting the alignment and depth of underground utility services.
2. Managing the utility property by using the utility record drawings.
3. Designing of the utility layout.
4. Reducing the project risk arising due to damaging of underground utility services during the construction works.
5.Reducing the project cost.
6.Satisfying the statutory requirements of “the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation Cap 406”.


Underground Void Locating Survey

The survey datum shall be the Hong Kong Principal Datum and coordinates shall be the Hong Kong Government 1980 Grid Datum. All coordinates shall bear the designated prefix “8”. The basic unit of measurement shall be meter.

Underground voids and services shall be located continuously and recorded in three dimensions at intervals. Each void shall be annotated with size in cubic metre and each service shall be annotated with the type of utility, diameter of pipe or etc.

All underground utility services, underground voids and associated surface features shall be annotated in the data and on the drawings. Annotations shall be placed at the same z-value as the feature using the correct abbreviation.